Baby Piano

Educational music apps for kindergarten are a very enjoyable way to introduce the world of wonderful sounds to your kids.

Baby Piano is an exciting music game for kids from 1 to 6 years old. Play various musical instruments, listen to wonderful melodies, explore different sounds, and develop musical skills.

Our learning music game for boys and girls will allow little ones not only to develop an ear for music, creativity, and imagination, but also to improve attention, memory, and fine motor skills.

The game offers 5 entertaining modes for toddlers: piano (melodies), musical instruments, sounds, games, and lullabies.

Musical instruments for toddlers. Children can use a variety of instruments to play wonderful melodies – a piano, a drum kit, a saxophone, a guitar, an accordion, a trumpet, a DJ console.

Sounds for kids. Being not only entertaining, but also educational, this game will allow your child to learn various sounds across 6 awesome sets: animal sounds, vehicle sounds, kids sounds, robot sounds, alien sounds, environment sounds.

How to play:

  • Let your kid choose a lovely character to fall asleep together with, while listening to 8 calming lullabies.

Game Features:

  • Free to play
  • Fast animation and smooth touch control on all devices
  • Stunning art, music and animation effects
  • Easy to play

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