Arena Master

Arena Master is a multiplayer mobile game!

The game takes place between two players exchanging virtual coins that you can convert to real currency at a certain rate Each player has six different characters in the game. The characters do not have different skillset. The game is played at different arenas, selected randomly, and it can be played with different bets winning virtual coins

The game consists of seven positions and three rounds. The first round has three positions; the second and the third rounds have two positions. Out of all these seven positions, the player must win four to win the game.

The player can also participate in a monthly or weekly tournaments, by paying a certain participation fee using virtual coins. The player’s rating increases according to the number of virtual coins he or she acquires. The ratings renew each week. The highest rated player of the week wins additional virtual coins.

Play Arena Master now with random people all over the world!

How to play:

  • The player has hundred lives to be distributed to the characters, before being drawn to one of these seven positions. If a player in a particular position has more lives than the opponent, the player wins that position.

Game Features:

  • Ads free game
  • Fast animation and smooth touch control on all devices
  • Game is playable around the world
  • Monthly/weekly tournaments
  • Play for free

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